About us


To provide opportunities for artists from African and Asian heritage.
To promote opera among young people in underserved communities to expand their cultural horizons.
To promote opera in culturally diverse communities for all ages.


We produce high quality performances with a focus on promoting emerging artists of African and Asian heritage.

Pegasus is a professional opera company with a family of widespread international artists, participants and supporters. We produce high-quality performances and balance this with a focus on artist development, with an eye to promoting the talents of emerging artists of African and Asian heritage and bringing this onto eminent platforms of note and significance.

For almost thirty years, Pegasus Opera Company has been the home for singers, composers, instrumentalists and directors predominately, but not exclusively, from diverse African and Asian heritage.

Established in South London and grown from solid and credible roots, we still work out of our home in Brixton. The Company has held true to our founder Lloyd Newton’s credo of ‘harmony in diversity’. We have inspired many to love opera; and we celebrate the music of rich African, Asian and Caribbean diasporas whilst weaving into the fabric of the British performing arts, using creativity to challenge and advocate for positive change.

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Pegasus Opera Company’s mission of putting diversity at the forefront is so important and as a performer myself I know how vital it is that we support these organisations.
Sharon D Clarke MBE