Opera Mentoring Programme T&C’s

  1. You must complete each field in the application or your application will be rejected. 

  2. If accepted onto the mentoring scheme, you must prepare all the work set for you and arrive for your digital session on time each week. If you are concerned you may not be able to attend you must reschedule your session with your mentor, with at least 48 hours notice. The session time will then be negotiated directly with your mentor. 

  3. You will not have the opportunity to select or change your mentor, however, if there are any issue with the mentor/mentee relationship, you will be able to contact the Pegasus Producer to help rectify any issues.  

  4. If you choose to accept your place on the programme, you are committed to completing all five sessions including the preparation work set for you and must also complete an evaluation form at the end of the programme. 

  5. By accepting your place in this programme you are allowing Pegasus Opera company to keep, publish and share vocal recordings, video footage and evaluation information to the Pegasus Opera Company website and social media. If there are things you are not happy to share, you must discuss with Sonia Hyams, Executive Director at Pegasus Opera Company in advance prior to accepting your place at Sonia@pegasusoperacompany.org

  6. You are only to record these sessions with permission from your mentor and these may only be used for archival purposes unless receiving written permission from both Pegasus Opera Company and your mentor. You must put your request in writing to Jordan Mullineaux, Producer at Pegasus Opera Company at Jordan@pegasusoperacompany.org 

  7. If you have any questions about the course, its contents, your mentor or have any concerns prior to or whilst on the programme you can discuss these confidentially with Jordan Mullineaux, Producer at Pegasus Opera Company at jordan@pegasusoperacompany.org 

  8.  Applications submitted past the deadline will not be considered.

  9. You must be a UK based to participate in this programme.