Pegasus Opera Company appoints Gallery Owner, Rebecca Hossack as latest Ambassador for the organisation

We are thrilled to announce that Rebecca Hossack, who in her role as director of her eponymous gallery has been a passionate supporter of non-Western and indigenous art for over thirty-five years, has graciously accepted the role of Ambassador for Pegasus Opera Company.

Her unwavering commitment to the arts and her deep appreciation for the power of opera make her an ideal partner in our mission to promote and celebrate diverse voices in the operatic realm.

Rebecca Hossack’s remarkable career as an art dealer, curator, and gallery owner has spanned over four decades. With aa profound understanding of artistic expression, she has championed the works of both established and emerging artists, fostering a platform for creativity across many cultures and perspectives.

Her commitment to creating opportunities for underrepresented voices has been a driving force in her work, making her a natural fit for Pegasus Opera Company’s vision.

Artistic Director of Pegasus and Internationally renowned Soprano, Alison Buchanan commented,

‘I first met Rebecca at a mutual friend’s wedding and it was love at first sight! Her enthusiasm, energy, strength, effervescence, support, brilliance, humour and amazing directness were inspiring and infectious. These are a few of the many reasons why I am thrilled to announce Rebecca as our Pegasus Ambassador. Her passion for Pegasus has been evident from the start. We look forward to building a wonderful and enduring partnership’

As an Ambassador, Rebecca Hossack will lend her expertise and influence to support Pegasus Opera Company’s commitment to breaking barriers and promoting diversity in the opera world. Her belief in the transformative power of the arts aligns perfectly with our mission to challenge conventions and offer a platform for voices traditionally marginalised within the genre.

Rebecca Hossack’s deep appreciation for opera as an art form is reflected in her own personal experiences. Having attended performances around the globe, she understands the transformative potential of this remarkable medium: the emotive power of the voice to bridge cultural divides and inspire change. Her insights and passion will undoubtedly contribute to our ongoing efforts to foster a vibrant, inclusive operatic landscape.

We are honoured to welcome Rebecca Hossack as an Ambassador for Pegasus Opera Company. Together, we will continue to build bridges, empower artists, and create spaces where diverse stories can be told through the extraordinary power of opera.

Photo: Rebecca Hossack at her London Home, Photographer Heathcliff O’Malley